Pyrogenic silica of the grades: 60; 90; 120; 150; 175; 200; 300; 380

Silica of all the grades is characterized by high chemical resistance to the influence of the most chemical reagents. It can be mixed with water and with the most of organic liquids. By adding silica to the liquid, it's possible to reach its density, jelly state. Pyrogenic silica is hygroscopic, and easily absorbs moisture.
Non-modified pyrogenic silicas can be directly used as high-quality fillers for rubber, plastic and leatherette, as thickeners of liquids (paints, lubricating greases, glues, sealants and others), as carriers of active materials (in medicine, perfumery), as anti-caking agents of loose materials as well as in radio electronics, textile and other industry branches.

Modified methyl silica of the grades: AM-1-120; AM-1-175; AM-1-300; AMS

Methyl silica of mentioned grades is thermostable organophillic product which has hydrophobic properties. They are products of surface chemical modification of superfine silica by means of chloroorganic silanes.
High dispersity and good surface features allow using these hydrophobic products as the thickeners and dullness agents as well as the amplifying fillers in the compositions. Their usage in the composition of different paintwork materials increases the water-, thermo- and frost-resistance. Furthermore, the resistance of protected surfaces is increased in aggressive and adverse for exploitation mediums.
The usage of methyl silica as the anti-caking agent of loose materials has a great effect. For example, if we add them to the powder extinguish mixtures, the fluidity and extinguish efficiency of the powders are increased in 6-7 times.
As a result of made tests, the thermo- and waterproofed lubricants, developed on the base of modified silica, were synthesized for their usage in the industrial equipments.
Usage of methyl silica as a filler for polymer compositions, thixotropic thickeners for the grease lubricants, anti-caking agent for paintwork compounds in the different branches of industry allows getting the high-quality products.


Product MAS-200M is used for the processing of drilling fluids. Physical and chemical features enable its usage as a defoaming agent for the water solutions and as the stabilizer of solutions on the carbohydrate base. Defoamer MAS-200M does not dissolve in water and carbohydrate mediums and keeps its technological features in the range of 40-250oC.
The extinguish mechanism in suspensions is based on the following: the hydrophobic part of reagent connects some air globules, assists their coalescence, enlargement and flotation to the surface.
After air bubble destruction on the surface, defoamer particle does not lose its activity and enters into the extinguish process. Frequentative use of every particle causes moderate consumption of the reagent.
Directly in the field conditions at the drilling works on the base of MAS-200M powder reagent it's possible to prepare a defoamer for drilling fluids, the water-resistant lubricants, the cleansers for the degreasing of the machine and mechanism parts, to purify the water from oil products. This reagent can be used for the defoaming in the processes of flotation, cellulose and paper production as well as in the technology of water treatment in oil-refining industry.


AMD filler is the high-dispersed silicon dioxide, modified by depolymerizer D-4. It's used for the filling of polymer systems, for the thickening of paintwork materials, thread lubricants and other materials.
At the use of AMD filler, the lubricating materials are created. They work at the high load and at temperature from -60 to +150oC. They are noted for antiwear and antiscoring features as well as moisture resistance.