State Enterprise “Kalush Test Experimental Plant of Surface Chemistry Institute of National Academy of Science of Ukraine” specializes in the manufacture of fumed silica (silicon dioxide) of standard grades, and is also the only Eastern European producer of its modified forms - high-tech product, which is used in many industries.
    The company was founded in 1977 by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The availability of test-experimental complex allows us to conduct research and advance technology development in the field of special ultrafine inorganic substances, which find wide application in the manufacture of advanced composite materials, polymers, rubber and resins.
Convenient geographic location allows us with minimal transportation costs deliver our products to Russia, Belarus, Baltic states, Moldova, Central Europe and other countries. Shipment is carried out by road and railway transport modes, as well as from Odessa seaport.

   Consumers of products of the plant are a lot of famous domestic and foreign companies that maintain high quality and competitiveness of their products.



     We will be glad to see your company among our regular customers and hope for a fruitful and beneficial cooperation.